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Product information

  • Innovative: The LUMISAN smart bottle is equiped with the UV-C Light Technology. Sterilize your drinks in just 4 minutes using the sterilization mode. No hassle, no filter, just 3 taps at the touchscreen display! The UV-C light will inactivate up to 99,99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Smartest: A touchscreen display will give you easy access to the drink’s temperature and more! Are you struggling with hydrating yourself enough? You can set drink reminders that warn you every two hours to drink! The sterilization mode to self-clean your drink is easy to activate by tapping 3 times on the touch display.
  • Chic: Stand out from the crowd with your sparkly clean, white LUMISAN smart bottle! The touch display will illuminate, depending on which mode you activate. When you activate the drink reminder, a blue light circle will start flashing several times. The sterilization mode initiates a colourful on-going cycle for 4 minutes.

Smart and functional

  • Insulation: The LUMISAN smart bottle is a vacuum flask that keeps your cold drinks cool up to 6 hours and your hot drinks warm up to 24 hours!
  • Sterilization: The LUMISAN smart bottle sterilizes your drinks with UV-C Light Technology.
  • Measuring the temperature: You’re just one tap away from discovering the temperature of your drink! This way you can avoid burning your lips and tongue when drinking hot water.
  • Drink reminders: In normal circumstances it is highly recommended to drink at least 1,5 liters a day. Busy bees struggle to drink enough water daily. Set drink reminders on the LUMISAN smart bottle to help you stay hydrated!
  • On-the-go or at home: Be able to drink clean water wherever you go or keep your LUMISAN smart bottle close to you at home. Drinking water was never healthier and easier than with your own personal LUMISAN smart bottle, either at the office or just on TV nights at home. Are you a tea lover? Prepare your favorite tea and enjoy it all day or all night long!


  • Size: 64x64x223mm
  • Net weight: 266g
  • Capacity: 450ml which equals about 2 glasses of water or 3 cups of tea

UV-C Light Technology

For more information please read What is UV-C?

The LUMISAN smart bottle is equiped with one LED UV-C light used for sterilization purposes. A UV-C light destroys the DNA of germs and can inactivate up to 99,99% of bacteria and viruses. It is an innovative way to sterilize drinks. When you activate the sterilization mode, the light will hunt down bacteria and viruses for you!

The UV-C light is meant to clean your drink only, not yourself! It is highly important to make sure you never stare at the UV-C light (inside the bottle) since it may harm your eyes. However, for your safety, our products are equiped with sensors and they make sure the sterilization process automatically stops when opening the bottle. This way the sterilization process also refuses to start if the bottle is not fully closed.

It will not harm you when the bottle is used in a normal, safe way. We still want to warn you that UV-C light is extremely intense UV-light, so please avoid contact with your eyes or skin. The LUMISAN smart bottle is a useful instrument, but not a toy. We recommend you to read the safety warning carefully before charging and using the product.


  • Cold drinks below 10°C: 6 hours
  • Hot drinks above 40°C: 24 hours
  • Hot drinks above 55°C: 12 hours
  • Hot drinks above 65°C: 6 hours

Safety warning

  • Keep the UV-C light away from the skin and eyes. (Unless you fit inside the bottle, this warning is useless to you, because our bottles are foreseen of a sensor.)
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Make sure to close the cover when carrying out.
  • Please be careful and pay attention to the temperature when drinking hot drinks, to avoid scalding.
  • Do not overfill when adding hot drinks to avoid spillage and scalding.
  • Do not put dry ice, carbonated drinks, dairy products etc. in the bottle.
  • Do not place it in the dishwasher, dish dryer, fridge or microwave oven! The battery and the LED UV-C light don't like water and fire. 
  • Do not open the cover when it is tilted or close to the face.
  • Place the product out of reach of children and pets to avoid scalding or bruises.


Just like every bottle, the LUMISAN smart bottle needs to be cleaned. The way this bottle needs to be cleaned, can differ from other bottles. Please read the instructions below carefully.

The LUMISAN smart bottle cannot be placed it in the dishwasher or dish dryer. The bottle is equiped with a battery and a LED UV-C light, which makes it impossible (and dangerous) to put it in the machines mentioned earlier.

However, it is important to eliminate germs on the bottle, especially on places where the UV-C light doesn't shine. Clean the cup cover with a slightly damp cloth. Afterwards rub the cup cover with a dry cloth. Wash the cup itself by hand with a dish brush. 


    • How much do you have to charge the LUMISAN smart bottle?
      • It depends on the intensity of the use of the bottle’s smart functions, but normally it would be around 40 uses of the smart functions. This equals:
        - about 1 month when using the bottle’s smart functions on a daily basis about once or twice a day or;
        - about 2,5 weeks when using the bottle’s smart functions daily but quite intense, which means about twice or more a day.
    • Charging time: 2,5 hours
    • Rechargeable via magnetic USB (lithium battery and USB-cable included)


    • Inner pipe and body outer pipe: 304 stainless steel (healthy and environmentally friendly material!)
    • Cover: ABS (acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene copolymer 15e1)
    • Plug: ABS + PC (polycarbonate/polyacrylonitrile alloy plastic AC2300)
    • Sealing ring: silica gel
    • BPA free!


    The LUMISAN smart bottle meets the CE-certification standards.


    • LUMISAN smart bottle
    • Magnetic USB cable
    • Manual (Please read the instructions carefully before first charge and use of the product)

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    Sielke H.
    Belgium Belgium
    I recommend this product
    A unique bottle that makes a difference

    The Lumisan smart bottle is a great product. I’ve been using it for over two months now and it became part of my daily routine. It motivates me to drink more water (or tea) each day. I wouldn't want to switch back to a regular water bottle. I definitely recommend this product.

    Yasmine S.
    Belgium Belgium
    I recommend this product
    Great product!

    Fast delivery and the quality of the product feels great. It stays charged for a really long time and I was happily surprised by the temperature function. It seems to work really well + it’s super convenient when you bring your tea to class. No more tea burns! :)) Would definitely recommend this product

    Julie K.
    Belgium Belgium
    I recommend this product
    Mooi product!

    De smart bottle ziet er heel elegant uit en is, mede omwille van het touch pad, handig in gebruik. Zeker een aanrader!

    Natacha J.
    Belgium Belgium
    I recommend this product
    Great product - Fast delivery

    The bottle is easy to use and charges quickly. The design is very nice. Highly recommended

    Nicolas D.
    Belgium Belgium
    I recommend this product
    Great service!

    First of all I was surprised and excited about the fast delivery of this product. I received my smart bottle the day after I ordered it! Furthermore I used to wake up dry mouthed in the middle of the night with no water around whatsoever VERY OFTEN. Now thanks to your product this predicament no longer ails me as I always have a fresh and sanitised beverage in my proximity. Thank you Lumisan!