About Lumisan

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Lumisan is your go-to online store in smart bottles since 2020. We started as a small smart tech company in Belgium. We launched our smart bottles in October 2020 and soon after that we started selling across the border in many European countries. Currently we are selling our trending bottles worldwide!

The name ‘Lumisan’ is actually Filipino for ‘to go away’ because it symbolizes the UV-C sterilization process to make bacteria and viruses go away. We’re a Belgian brand, but we simply adore the way the word Lumisan sounds!

What we do

"We're selling the best smart bottles worldwide!"

We bring UV-C Light Technology to the table, quite literally, in the form of reusable water bottles. The UV-C Light Technology has proven its success in the medical scene for almost a century! It was about time that we brought UV-C to your daily life. The world is ready to discover new routines to make life easier and healthier. We’ve got an eye for quality and appropriate safety measures, which made us stand out in the UV-C scene from the beginning.

How UV-C benefits your health

"Drink wisely, drink smart"

UV-C is ultraviolet (UV) light with an invisible, electromagnetic radiation that falls between 180 and 280 nanometers (nm) in wavelength. UV-C light is intenser than UV-A and UV-B which makes it possible to destroy DNA from germs in the most efficient and fastest way!

The light is able to ionize organic molecules and altering their DNA and RNA, which makes it an excellent tool to disinfect air, water and surfaces. It destroys their ability to multiply and cause diseases. UV-C light is highly efficient, destroying up to 99,99% of bacteria and viruses in just a few seconds! That is why UV-C is often called ‘germicidal ultraviolet light’.

We value your health, so we bring the light and it’s up to you to shine it.

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"We bring the light, you shine it"