How do I use the smart functions of the LUMISAN smart bottle?

LUMISAN LUMISAN smart bottle tutorials

Tap the touchscreen

Every smart function of the LUMISAN smart bottle is very easy to activate and deactivate. On top of the LUMISAN bottle is a touchscreen. This way you can easily control the smart functions. Just tap on the screen like you would on your smartphone and/or smart watch. 

Tapping once, twice and more

Tap once on the touchscreen display to see the temperature of your drink. Now your touchscreen is lit up and this way you can check if your drink reminder is actived. If you see the alarm clock, your drink reminder is activated. You will also be able to see the battery status.

Tap twice to activate or deactivate the drink reminder function. After two hours your screen starts flashing so you know it's time to hydrate. 

Activate or deactivate the sterilization process by tapping three times on the screen! The UV-C Light Technology will eradicate bacteria and viruses now. The process takes only four minutes! 

 Enjoy your drink!

the LUMISAN team

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